Jill's Chemo & Radiation Phase

Dear friends,

Jill is doing her chemo and radiation treatments now. She’s about two-thirds of the way through the approximately seven week course. She’s feeling pretty good, and the only side effects are tiredness and a little hair loss where they blast the radiation. That’s essentially along the surgical site, stretching from her right forehead to her temple.

We are doing the treatments at USC Norris Cancer Treatment Center in LA, which is about 90 minutes from our home in Ventura. That’s been one of the biggest challenges, logistically getting her there five days a week. But we are managing. Most weeknights we stay in LA, commuting down on Monday afternoon and then back again to Ventura on midday on Friday. We’ve been blessed to stay in a really wonderful condo in downtown LA, by our friends Mike and Jeanie.

So many have pitched in so much since June 5 (when Jill was diagnosed) that it’s hard to imagine how we could have done without. Still, LaDonna, Marilyn, Darcie, Wendy and Aimee deserve special thanks.

Jill is doing so much better cognitively it’s really a miracle. She really is mostly back to her old self. She was so dreadfully sick in July and August and it’s taken the better part of the summer and fall to get back to being more normal. With each person who saw her this summer, we get to relive the weird and wacky memories of Jill’s disorientation.

Such as when she was convinced she was going to China and tried to pack her bags.

How she’d get lost on short walks around the block from our house.

Or how she was convinced that our three children had received “fart inoculations” when they were younger. And she was indignant that they were no longer working!

Ah, memories!

The rest of us are doing well. Zack thrives being homeschooled; I’m proud of his hard work and love for reading. Emily is still enjoying college, though grateful that her first semester is winding down. Annika's brain runs white hot keeping up with AP classes and junior year pressures; she's gearing up for basketball season. I’m staying busy caring for the needs of the family and digging out of the piles of work from the summer.

Still, we are glad to see the finish line: Jill completes her chemo and radiation on December 18 or so. And we will be very thankful indeed to turn the page on a hellacious half year.

Please continue to pray for Jill, for me, and for the kids. For the ministry of Barna Group and the team of colleagues, friends and family who has pulled so hard for us.

Through it all we’ve grown closer together as a family, experienced such love and generosity from others, and seen the words of scripture and Jesus give us peace.

Much love,