Prayers, Please

Jill had a long night. I took her to the ER in Ventura late on Saturday night with headaches and vomiting. They gave her pain meds; those helped and she fell asleep. She spent the night at the hospital. We were in touch, of course, with the doctors at USC.

This morning, she's not well. Super restless and in a lot of pain. She's showing some neurological changes from yesterday—for example, not answering questions correctly. She will be transferred (again) back to USC later today.

Her CT scan looks unchanged from yesterday, which is good news. We still don't have good answers as to why. Perhaps an infection; perhaps swelling. I don't have a lot more details, but I'll relay them as I can here on the blog.

Jill needs your prayers today (and so do we). As my five-year old nephew, Oliver, observed last week, "We need to pray hundreds and hundreds of prayers for Aunt Jill."