Update 6:00 pm, Out of surgery

Jill is out of surgery. Dr. Zada, the awesome neurosurgeon who did her first procedure, says it went very well. They cleaned the infected areas, gave her new titanium parts and she's on a broad spectrum of antibiotics. 

It was a deep infection, including pus in the brain. Although it's a setback and she has to start over in the healing process, the doctor feels she will recover fully from this. Without any guarantees, he thinks the neurological problems over the past 24 hours were effects of the infection, not damage from the infection. They have to culture the bug to figure out what it is. 

She was really sick today, including a high heart rate, which is also related to infection. She should be out of post-op recovery in the next couple hours. 

My friend Todd is coming down to USC, so we will sit and wait to see her. She may have a breathing tube through the night, in which case she won't see me. 

Praise God for a positive outcome on a horrible day for Jill.

Please pray now for no setbacks—no problems with the incision, straightforward post-op, no constipation—and for a better-than-expected recovery process. Pray for her time in the ICU, that Jill will weather the relentless poking and prodding, that neuro tests will return with good reports.

Thank you, friends.