Recovery, Day 2

I just spent the last three hours with Jill. Her vitals are all stabilized and continuing to improve. She's definitely better cognitively than yesterday. More lucid. More conversation. More aware—mostly—of what's going on. More eye contact. More memory. She asked about the kids and the dumb dog. That's progress. 

So great to see her more herself. 

There's still a ways to go. She can't figure out quite where she is and has trouble keeping the relevant details, like she can't just get up and go to the bathroom, in her head. She thought she had a hamburger for lunch, which brought a laugh from the nurse who had spooned her bland jello. 

Earlier today she kept trying to convince the nurse to allow her to take Zack to the dentist. She said she's got to figure out tonight's dinner for the family. She asked me if I needed for her to book a plane ticket to London. 

Well, that's getting closer to the real world, I guess. 

She's answering longer-term memory queries pretty well. I asked her, "Do you remember who I am?"

"David Thomas Kinnaman, 12/25/73," she rattled off, as though she's been asked a lot of memory tests the last few weeks. (Yep, I'm a Christmas baby.)

She had a hard time believing she had a second brain surgery. (So do all of us!) She didn't seem overly concerned to hear that more of her head was shaved. She was surprised to learn she had meningitis. 

But it was all good, because it was a real conversation with my wife. 

She's still fidgety and complaining of a sore back. But she's more peaceful overall than yesterday. Oh, and she walked a little, the nurses reported. Current plan is for her to head out of ICU maybe tomorrow and perhaps home at some point over the weekend. 

So nice to see a little more normal Jill, my sweet friend. 

Thanks for your prayers. Please pray for continued progress, deep rest, better memory and enhanced awareness. Please pray for our kids, Emily, Annika and Zack. They have been very brave but it's a super scary time of immense anguish. Pray we would maintain hope, not just in Jill's recovery but in Jesus. 

With love and thanks,