Update #1 on Jill Kinnaman, from David

On June 5, my wife, Jill, went to the emergency room with a terrible migraine. After an MRI, the doctors discovered a tumor on the front right side of her brain. 

She was transferred to Keck Medical Center at USC, and that's where we are now—waiting, waiting, waiting. They plan to do more tests today, including a different type of MRI. We hope to know more soon, and I will update this site as we get a clearer picture of the situation.

Jill is doing pretty well. Resting a lot after a long day yesterday. Pain is still tough but mostly managed with meds. She's had severe migraines for a couple of weeks, so we are glad to have an answer to that, at least. She's an oak tree of strength and calmness. She amazes me. 

I'm doing everything I can to help. For example, the doctors are not allowing Jill to eat (to prep for possible surgery), so I wolfed down her eggs, bacon and French toast from the hospital cafeteria. I am happy to report they were better than the hotel breakfast I had in a Colorado Springs yesterday morning.

We appreciate your prayers. Today you can be praying for:

1) Less pain and good rest for Jill, and for peace in her heart and mind. 

2) Comfort for our kids, Emily, Annika and Zack, and for the rest of our family. Everyone is doing well, but it's hard news. 

3) Clarity and precision in the diagnostics and the doctors' work. 

4) Total healing for Jill! The best possible outcome of surgery, size and impact of tumor, and so on. 

5) That our family and our company could be a witness of God's goodness and grace. 

This is really tough, friends. But we have great confidence in Jesus. He loves Jill more than any of us (even me) ever could, and he is our comforter and healer.

Trusting in him,

P.S. Thank you for your kind offers to help in so many ways! For now, please send Jill a message on Facebook or Instagram. We will update this site with specific requests for assistance, if there is anything we need beyond your faithful prayers.