Jill's Out of Surgery! Update 1:23pm

Jill is out of surgery and we just met with the neurosurgeon. He thinks he got it all. He anticipates it is a glioma, which can range from benign to malignant. It looked benign to the doctor, but we have to wait a week for final tests. It was quite large, so they have to run pathology on all the tissue. He was optimistic about the tissue being soft and coming out easily. Also, he reported there were no bleeding issues.

Jill is in recovery now, and we will get to see her in the next couple of hours. If all goes well, she could come home to recover by the weekend.

All in all, a very encouraging result! Praise God!

Thank you for your prayers! I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support and love. My phone received more texts in the last few hours than in the previous months combined.

We will keep updating this site as we walk through this. Use the link below for RSS, so you're automatically updated with new posts.

Surgery is brutal and beautiful: self-initiated destruction to bring health. And the encouragement of family and friends and leaning into Jesus today cultivated a certain kind of beauty.

Pease continue to pray for Jill.

So grateful,
(for Jill, Emily, Annika and Zack)