Update #2 on Jill, from David

After a day of waiting around on Tuesday, all the tests are completed and we have a plan.

  • Surgery is Wednesday morning, June 7.
  • It's slated to begin about 7 am.
  • The surgeon estimates about four hours for the procedure.

The tumor is a bit larger than a golf ball, on the front right side of the brain. It’s brain surgery, so the neurosurgeon was careful to describe the risks. Still, he was reassuring about the location of the tumor and the way it looks. “Every tumor has a personality of its own,” he said. “So we have to get in there and see.” He described that the front right side of the brain, where they enter to remove the tumor, is one of the most resilient zones of the brain.

The neurosurgeon, Dr. Gabriel Zada, is terrific and we feel pleased to have him do this procedure. He does about 250 brain surgeries a year, which makes my head hurt just to think about.

One of the cool parts of the day: Our kids, Emily, Annika and Zack, got to hear Dr. Zada talk through the procedure and MRI results. I wasn’t sure whether to include them in the discussion, but I am glad it worked out this way. They asked good questions and I didn’t have to try and explain the complicated process to my science-geek kids.

It was a good day of hanging out and praying with Jill. I felt a strange sense of relief to finally get clarity on why she has been feeling so miserable lately. We have an answer and a plan. (For the record, if she wanted some time away from our kitchen remodeling project, she could have just said so.)

Kidding aside, thanks for your prayers. Please pray for Jill and her peace, recovery and healing; for the results of the pathology to be favorable; for the surgeons throughout the day; and for our family.

Again, I want to say that our hope is in Jesus. We are blessed to live in 2017, with science fiction–like medical capabilities. And Jill is at a great hospital in Los Angeles. Still, nothing on earth compares to Jesus.

We will post updates as we have them.

Thanks and much love,