Third Brain Surgery

As you know, Jill had a second surgery a week ago. Her recovery has been agonizingly slow, and she is still in the hospital. Initially she was intermittently confused and, at times, hallucinatory. As disconcerting as this has been, some of Jill's remarks have had us all laughing.

We are grateful that Jill's spacey moments have diminished. Today she spent most of the afternoon in cheerful (and rational 😊) conversation with my mom and our good friends Darcy and LaDonna. She got s great back rub and her hair cleaned up. 

Our concern, though, has been at least two seizure-like symptoms in the last couple days. For a few brief moments, Jill's left hand, left leg and the left side of her face have gone numb, and her speech has slurred. Remember, the right side of the brain (where Jill had the tumor) controls the left side of the body.

Tonight (Saturday) our neurologist informed us that an MRI this morning indicated Jill may have a pocket of residual infection, which is likely causing these symptoms. So they will have to do a third (!!!!) surgery to literally wash out her brain one more time. 

I have the highest praise for Dr. Zada. He's so competent and supremely caring. As he was explaining the procedure to us tonight, he reassured us that, if this were his sister, he would recommend this.

Still, it is crazy. It feels surreal to say Jill is going back again—again!—into brain surgery. Procedure begins now and should take an hour or two. 

Please pray for Jill!

P.S. I will post an update in the morning Pacific time. We covet your prayers!