Back at USC

I brought Jill down to Keck again last night. She had a very lethargic day Sunday and developed a fever. So, under advice from Dr. Zada I brought her down, since risk of infection is still a big deal. We got her admitted, zapped an MRI and all that jazz. 

Here's a text I just received from Dr. Zada, which feels like an efficient way of reporting what I know at this point. 

Hi Dave
Jill looks OK overall. Mental status is appropriate. Had a fever last night but not today so far. She is on broader antibiotics. MRI looks ok as well. We are getting urine and blood cultures. If those are negative she may need a spinal tap. Will be in touch. GZ

Jill looks pretty good today, better than most of yesterday, actually. Hoping the broader spectrum of antibiotics are effective and other results are clear.

Jill's amazing. I'm holding on. :) 

As always, your prayers for us both (and the kids) are appreciated.

Love ya,