Monday, July 17

It's been a mostly uneventful day at the hospital—which is its own kind of good, since it turns out days can, in fact, include events like brain surgeries and stays in the ICU. 

The doctors continue to search for the cause of Jill's fever. They have completed a spinal tap and blood and urine tests. Nothing conclusive to report tonight. 

One thing we've learn about the medical world is the slowness is not simply health professionals being slow and trying to ignore us. In fact, the exercise of patience can help to make opaque medical conditions more clear. That's essentially the case here. 

The MRI shows Jill's brain is not much different (but may even be a bit improved) from 10 days ago, right before we were discharged. So, Dr. Zada doesn't think the fever is another brain infection, per se. 

But again, we sort of wait. We wait to see if and how she improves with the range of antibiotics. 

Jill's doing better compared to yesterday, from what I can tell. Right now: She's enjoying a People magazine, we are listening to Hillsong's new album (love the title track, "Wonder") and she's cuddling a stuffed white kitten I gave her today. (I'm hoping it keeps her hands from scratching at her incision, a habit that has the nurses shrieking in horror.) 

It's been hard to get solid footing in all this, to be honest. So thank you for your prayers! For Jill, for me, for my immediate and extended family, and for those we work with at Barna. Please pray for us to be strengthened, to find rhythm even the ups and downs, and to remain hopeful in all this. 

Thank you!