Tuesday, July 18

Another day of sitting around, waiting for the antibiotics to do their thing. 

Jill walked a lot today. She spent maybe 60–75 minutes on her feet during the day. We even went outside for a Diet Coke at a curbside kiosk in the hospital plaza. 

Her fever is down to normal. And she got to eat today. 

The emerging plan is to get her back home on Wednesday or Thursday. And we will be upping the quantity and number of antibiotic infusions at home, from one type of antibiotic twice a day to two varieties three times a day. It's going to be a lot for her—and us—to manage. 

Given the length and durability of the infection, we will be looking for other options as well, just to make sure we are covering all the bases. 

Still, we are grateful that she's been stable and stronger each day.  

Keep praying that the increased dosages and course of antibiotics do their work. And for Jill to continue to heal! 

Sincere thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. 

Much love,