Surgery 3, Recovery Day 1

You read that right: Jill had a third brain surgery late last night (Saturday). There was another developing pocket of infection that had to be cleaned surgically, literally called a "wash out." You can read more about it in last night's post.

The procedure was successful and "definitely needed to happen when it did," Dr. Zada reported. Based on the operation, he thinks this infection had been walled off from the previous wash out (that was surgery number 2, which happened last Sunday) so it had been left to its own devices. 

We asked about why the antibiotics hadn't taken effect in that pocket, even though the lab work shows this bug is susceptible to the drugs. There isn't a clear answer to this. The working hypothesis is that it was separated behind scar tissue or other membranes and was not sufficiently hit during the previous antiseptic surgery. This infection was further back in the right lobe, more above and behind her ear. (Remember, her tumor was in the front right part of the brain, and that's where the previous infection wash out was performed.) 

There was some good news: Zada said the front part of the brain, the spot they cleaned out last time, looks pristine and uninfected. So it's a good sign that, once clean, the infection is fully treatable. 

Here's the thing to pray for, specifically: that there are not any more pockets of infection, that none develop, that the antibiotics fully do their trick and that Jill has no further setbacks—and no further surgeries!

She is resting comfortably and woke up to say hi. She's been talking away with me, and every minute with my sweet friend is golden. And she's looking really good—so much better than after surgery number 2. She's asking for breakfast. 

Oh, and she thinks she rode Star Tours last night. I'm not going to contradict her on that one. 

I'm relieved, weirdly, to know there is an explainable cause for the slow recovery and other complications. Now we pray hard that there isn't more infection and that she heals quickly and fully!

Dr. Zada now says Jill is in rare company to have had three brain surgeries in four weeks. I would certainly hope so. Last night, while reading the Bible and praying, I felt so comforted by Jesus and so clear that he is holding us together, preparing us for what's next. 

Thank you for your continued prayers. 

Much love,