Tuesday, July 25

Jill got home middle of last week and things have been relatively stable—whew! We take great relief in ordinary days.

She gets her antibiotic infusions three times a day, which takes about six hours for her and for all of us who are attending to the medicine balls, saline flushes and latex gloves. It's a crazy amount of work on top of the three brain surgeries she's already endured. 

So far, she seems to be doing well—no more fever, at least. We walked about a mile yesterday and that felt so good, moving about our neighborhood hand in hand.

Jill needs someone to be with her pretty much all the time, because she's still disoriented at times and having a hard time staying clear on what's happening. That's tough for all of us, because we can see that she hasn't completely gotten her cognitive footing. The doctors and therapists think this can be regained, it will just take time. In the meantime, we've got a lot of work on our hands.

After last week's hospitalization for fever—Jill's third extended hospital stay in two months—the reality of the long haul is settling in. This new normal of working to get Jill healthy and whole is going to take time. And many, many prayers.

We are so grateful to the team of people who are helping and just hanging out with Jill. 

Please pray for no infection or complications, for enhanced cognition and decreasing disorientation, and for all of us who are caring for her. 

Much love,