Holidays & Hospitals

It's Independence Day (I wrote this yesterday, on July 4th). I'm observing this holiday in a hospital, sitting with my dear wife, Jill. This isn't how we planned this day to go, much less the past month. But we are finding a new rhythm. We played the card game Uno, colored pages (the doctors said it's good therapy) and learned a new game together.

Jill is doing pretty well. She was released from ICU this morning (Tuesday). Moving out of that environment always feels like one step closer to our destination. 

Medically, she's been dealing with an elevated heart rate for the last 10 days or so, since the second surgery. It seems to be creeping back to normal. So that's good, but please pray it continues to settle down.

We haven't heard the results of a CT scan she received this morning. I assume that's means there's nothing urgently wrong. Still, prayers on that are appreciated. Again, we are praying for no new infection pockets or bleeding, and no setbacks or complications on Jill's road to recovery.

Cognitively, she's mixed. She still struggles at times to understand or remember all that's happened in the last few weeks. She's crystal clear on details from before the second surgery, but after that she sort of loses her sense of where and when she is. I can hardly fault her for that, since my brain is exhausted by all that's gone down. Still, please continue to pray she regains all cognitive function in the days ahead.

She's had a handful of visitors the last couple of days. She is always delighted to see and chat with family and friends from Ventura. I think its been helpful to create some semblance of normal context for her.

We should learn more in the next couple of days about what's next for Jill and when she can come home. 

Again, we are so grateful for your prayers and your friendship.