Heading home, again!

Jill is coming home today! Two weeks in the hospital and two additional brain surgeries (for a total of three altogether). But she gets to sleep in her own bed tonight. 

We still have to monitor her closely for recurrence of infection; she is not completely out of the woods on that. And she'll have to take IV antibiotics at home for awhile. 

But it's a huge step. 

Now we've got to get her cognitively fully healed and her brain all calmed down. That way, she can start chemo and radiation in August.

Oh yeah, that, too. 

Still, after some anguishing days and nights, going home feels incredible. Once again, I can't thank you enough for your prayers and support during this dark time. Thank you! 

Several people here at Keck Hospital at USC have commented about what an amazing network of support we have. "Are you part of a church or something?" asked one nurse yesterday. "Because people don't usually have so much support, especially since you live 90 minutes from here."

In Jesus, we are family. 

Please keep praying for Jill and for us.