September 26, 2017

Jill has been doing much better the last few weeks. She had a lumbar puncture about two weeks ago. The good news is that the count of white blood cells was lower than a month ago, but still not quite good enough to start chemo. She will have another test of her cerebrospinal fluid in about two weeks. The hope is that this next test will help to confirm her continued healing. And that the infection will be completely gone. If not, the doctors have raised the prospect of another surgery, though we think that probability is fading. 

So that's how you can pray for us, for Jill. 

In the meantime, she seems to be improving overall with each passing week. The mental fog, for the most part, seems to be lifting. She's starting to ask questions to clarify what was real and not real from the last couple months. That's been reassuring and also pretty funny as we've recounted some of her fanciful mental episodes. 

We continue to have people with her all the time, just to make sure that she's got someone backstopping any needs she may have. She's mostly ok with this, though she's getting antsy to start driving and having a little more independence. I'll take that as a good sign as long as she doesn't forget she's not supposed to drive yet. 

The kids are all doing well; it's been helpful to get rolling with the school year and regular routines of fall. Emily is loving college; Annika is rising to the challenge of AP classes, cross country and junior year; Zack is working really hard on his homeschooling. 

I'm doing ok. Settling in to some normal-ish rhythms after the brutally hard summer. I've got a lot on my plate and the work load at Barna is picking up. In most ways things are getting a little easier with lots of help, loads of generous support of the care for Jill fundraiser, and massive amounts of love and prayer. 

And I continue to do work on my soul. Running. Sleeping a lot. Talking and listening to Jesus. Reading Psalms. Journaling. Trying to slow down. 

So that's the update for now. Sincere and heartfelt thanks to you for loving the Kinnamans.